Via Josephat Torner worden we op de hoogte gehouden van de actualiteit in Afrika. De meest verschrikkelijke berichten komen ons ter ore. Tegelijkertijd motiveert ons dat des te meer om door te gaan met actie voeren! 


Het nieuws volgt elkaar snel op. Enerzijds positieve berichten, dat Josephat kan spreken met witchdoctors om hen de waarheid te vertellen over albinisme. En opnieuw een voetbalwedstrijd, waar kinderen met albinisme een rol spelen. Anderzijds ook verschrikkelijk nieuws. In Malawi zijn opnieuw mensen met albinisme aangevallen. Een man werd op oudjaarsdag overvallen in zijn slaap en vermoord. Op nieuwjaarsdag is het lichaam opgegraven van een man met albinisme. Ons hart huilt....

Zie hier het bericht wat Josephat met ons deelde:


Horrific new from Malawi on New Years Day. Man born with albinism stabbed to death in front of his own son and then his corpse dragged from his home and both his arms were then hacked off, the attackers fled the scene with his body parts. Murder investigation is under way and his killers are still on the run.

Murder occured on 31/12/2018 at about 2200hrs at Mundiyeghe vge. Mr. John Banda 33yrs of Nkowonda vge T/A Malenganzoma Dist. Nkhatabay Occ. Local farmer reports in above case where his brother Yasin Phiri 54yrs of Mundiyeghe vge T/A Fukamapiri Dist. Nkhatabay being a person with Albinism has been murdered by uknown criminals and went away with both two arms.

B/facts of the matter are that the deceased was leaving in his house together with his three sons after his wife temporarily left for her home after the two disagreed over the behaviour of the wife displayed to their tenant.

On 31/12/2018 the deceased went for asleep in his room and one of his son George Yasin 9yrs of same address was also sleeping in a different room . The other two sons were at Kande T/C for the their business.

At about 2200hrs came two unknown criminals who entered into the house through the window and went straight into the room of the deceased where they started stabbing him.

Thereafter they took the deceased at a distance of about 20metres where they chopped both arms and they left. All this was taking place whilst the youngest son was inside the house after he was threatened to be killed if he shouted.

Matter was reported at Chintheche Police Post where it was referred to Nkhatabay Police Station. Crime scene was visited right at the same night by Police accompanied by Medical Officials and Postmortem conducted revealed that deceased died due to severe loss of blood secondary to the maltiple wounds and chopping of both arms.

Matter under investigation to trace the suspects. CI/CR/01/01/2019 Refers.

We now call on Malawi police to catch the perpetrators and punish them. God help us. RIP our brother, I am heartbroken today 🖤
Josephat Torner 



Bamako (AFP) - Armed men abducted and beheaded a five-year-old albino girl in Mali at the weekend, police said, in what was feared to be a ritual murder for supposedly magic body parts.

Djeneba Diarra, whose family lives in Fana village 125 kilometres (78 miles) north of Bamako, "was sleeping in the courtyard with her mother and her sister" when the men snatched her at around 2:00 am on Sunday, police told AFP on Monday.

The girl's mother at first tried to pursue the kidnappers, who scaled a wall with her child, but then turned back to protect her second daughter, also an albino.

"We searched for the little girl everywhere. We found her body beside a mosque, but she had no head," said a village teacher, Oumar Diakite.

Blaming a lack of security for the killing, angry local residents on Sunday partially burned down the paramilitary police headquarters in Fana, according to several witnesses.

"We demand justice. Her head was taken. This is a ritual crime," activist Mamadou Sissoko told AFP after going to the scene.

Sissoko, the general secretary of the Federation of Associations of Persons with Albinism in West Africa (FAPAO), pointed out the link between crimes against albinos and political events, ahead of Mali's presidential election on July 29.

"Every time there are elections, we become prey for people who want to make ritual sacrifices. This is not the first time this has happened in Fana," he said. "The state needs to take up its responsibilities."

An albino legend on the international stage, Malian musician Salif Keita has for years campaigned for the protection of albinos, who are both stigmatised and hunted for ritual purposes in many African countries, including Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe as well as in West Africa.

Dozens of albinos are attacked and killed every year by people prepared to hack off their limbs to use in rituals aimed at bringing wealth, success and good fortune.

Albinism is a genetic hereditary disorder that causes a partial or total absence of pigmentation in the skin, the hair and the eyes, so that sufferers have a bleached look.

Apart from discrimination, albinos are also exposed to problems of eyesight and a heightened risk of skin cancer. In Africa, protective suntan creams are hard to find and expensive.



Opnieuw een afschuwelijk bericht. Lees hieronder het bericht zoals Josephat dat met ons deelde. Bidden jullie mee?

Josephat Torner


Dear friends I have received heartbreaking news from MALAWI, another young man born with albinism has gone missing in suspicious circumstances. We have a reported case that a boy with albinism in Machinga nkoola is missing, chief and police have confirmed ... a search is underway.

Victim: Mark Masambuka, aged 22 from Nakawa village, traditional Authority Nkoola, Machinga district, Southern Malawi bordering Mozambique.

Date and place of incidence: 09/03/18 at Mbawa trading centre;

Circumstances: He left his home to buy a mat in company with a friend. Later he was seen outside a bar while the friend was inside. The owner of the bar has since been arrested by Police for questioning. The bar owner was found on Saturday morning with injuries over his body which raised peoples’ eyebrows. The community think that the injuries were sustained at the time they were attacking the man. The unidentified friend who was with Mark is until now at large.

Let us pray for Mark and his family, please God let us find this young man alive 

Josephat Torner
South Africa



Josephat is jarig! Wat een feestelijke dag had moeten worden, werd het juist een verdrietige dag voor hem. Hij kreeg het bericht dat in Zuid Afrika twee kinderen met albinisme zijn vermoord. Een meisje van 13 jaar oud, en haar neefje van 1 jaar oud....  Er is iemand opgepakt. (



Een zwangere vrouw uit Zambia, Merriam, heeft de aanval op haar leven overleefd. Maar ze gaat vanaf nu getekend door het leven. Haar arm werd op een gruwelijke wijze geamputeerd en waarschijnlijk verkocht.... (


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